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all naked shots xx

a bdsm fantasy;

kneel before me and worship my body.
look up to my tits and be grateful you are allowed in the presence of this hotness. 
your hands are behind you. not tied, but i told you to hold them there, against your own back. 

"lick me"
you lean forward, licking that spot that turns me on. i rub my clit against your mouth, starting to feel myself getting aroused, forcing you to lick up my juices.

"that’s a good boy. now, reach out and touch my breasts. i want you touch my nipples through the bra and turn me on."
you continue licking, before putting your hands, your big calloused hands, over my breasts. when you have played until i have been sufficiently aroused, i grant you the privilege of touching my nipples.

"you may reach in now. and don’t you dare stop licking"
you go through the thin layer of lace and pull it down, grabbing the fullness of my tits. that is what finally sends me over the edge, i break out into a loud moan.

"yes baby, you’re doing it right."
i run my fingers through your hair, hold the back of your head against my bare, freshly waxed labia. i finally cum, fully enjoying your licking up of my juices.

"if you continue being such a good boy, i just might let you cum later."


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